Meditation is a way of releasing your inner tensions. It’s a way of not letting things get you down. It can be hard to convince people that meditation is the key to nurturing your very soul.

It takes you from the dark into the light. It awakens your very being. Focus, patience, breathing. Showing that within time you can feed your very existence.

Beauty, power, breath feel the air around, feel the exhale and inhale as you breathe. Feel your nostrils, feel your chest expand as you intake your breaths.

Meditation is beautiful, don’t let it waste, taste the sensation you may be missing. Feel the presence from within. Let your very thoughts be cooled, soothed and released.

A helping hand

When life gets you down, we all need that helping hand. We look to others for support, guidance. The friends that are truly there that won’t let you down in your time of need.

Who help and give you that helping hand. They support you through thick and thin, they become like your family.

They often look past the flaws, they never see a wall. They show you that through the dark there is always light. No matter where we are, good friends can be hard to find. True friends will stick by you till the very end.


We keep falling and falling and falling, how do we know when to get up and fight back. When do we know to help ourselves and push back.

In life things can get overwhelming and we get worked up about how to handle things. We can’t see a way out, but no one is going to help you apart from you. If you want to change your life then this can only be achieved by having a “never give up attitude”

Fight back, place your faith in the divine the love that is within and gather resilience. Life isn’t easy we all take on so much or get knocked back. But please try and make things better by fighting back and pushing forward.

Life is a beautiful gift not to be wasted. Resilience is within, you have the power to achieve anything.

Don’t give up, keep fighting, don’t let life get you down. Look to obtain positivity, I know it is easier said than done. But in time you will learn to see why was I worried, I have got this, never give up.


Humility can be so hard to achieve, we look to boost our egos or surrender to the nearest cause.

We see that we are right or we don’t want to back down.

See humility in everything, in everyone. See that the little things in life, petty arguments or shouting will never get you anywhere.

See that we all can have a winning streak but it is the taken part that counts, the part that you made a difference. You stood up for the cause, you helped the in justice. See the humility from within.