You are going to do great things. Become the person you once were, you can achieve anything.

Always remain positive and defuse the situation, so the world becomes a better place. We don’t know what someone has suffered, we are all suffering in one way or another.

Be content in yourself and everything will fall in place. Be kind to yourself and others around you. You will find in you doing so, others will start to become kind too.

No matter how hard or how difficult life may become, never loose faith. The divine does everything for a reason, leave it in there hands.

Every living thing has a soul, always live today, as if it were your last, unlock your minds potential.

Stay strong and remind yourself, I am incredible. Take care of yourself and never give up.

These qualities you possess are very unique. You are one of a kind and we were all born to stand out from the crowd.

Help yourself before you can help others. Pray and meditate, deep breaths, learn to control your thoughts.

Think before you speak, access the situation, see the good in everyone. Become truly content, compassionate, have humility, truthfulness, strength and liberation to see that light in all.

The divine resides in all. You are a fighter, be the best that you can be.