When I look inside me I see a yearning,

A sense of longing, a sense of belonging,

A glimpse of passion, a sense of pride,

Why am I confused?,

Why do I hide?, I live for others,

I breathe their air,

I see no justice,

I do not care,

I want to say no,

I want my stand,

I want to believe,

I want that hand,

I turn four corners,

I see no hope,

I watch in pain,

I yearn again,

I look for guidance,

I look for the one,

I know you will save me from this world and beyond,

so I will use my heart and not mind to conquer all and do what’s right I have a mission, I will not fear or be scared. I love you divine, I do not care. I will respect all and do what’s right, I have a mission and I know it’s to fight.


We are connected, we are you united, we are a team.
A connection that is found only in the rarest of places.
A lucky few only get to experience this, once in their life.
A connection, like no other. A feeling of completeness, a feeling of peace. There is no need to worry, there is no need to search. This connection is what we’ve built.
A foundation from the very beginning. A strength that is immense, a bond that is unbreakable.
That even if broken, will always be repaired.
A connection that will last a lifetime. For this is real, and what we all must feel. To find the one, for that is when we’ve truly won.


You help me heal, you help me seal my wounds, that were so deep,
You help me feel confident, and strong,
You never steer me wrong, you show me the path I must take, you help me fight whatever battles may come my way, to stick to the truth,
To help me heal from the inside, although it has taken time, you have given me a chance to shine,
A new found respect, a new way of thinking,
To help me see and have belief in myself, I can truly achieve anything, if I put my mind to it.
I am healing with every waking call, I never have to stall,
I can be true to myself, I never have to fall, I am healing, I will continue believing and no one is going to stop me from achieving.