Unlimited faith

Without you, I can not live, without you I am not complete, you give me a sense of releif, a sense of hope. A feeling inside that everything will be alright. Even when I try to stop, I think the world is going to crumble. I hurt and I am in pain. Somehow you still stay with me. You let me see, that no matter what your always by my side. With every step of my life, I will not stop believing, a rare gem you are, such a strength you give from within. No one can lie, I put my full trust in you, you always get me through. No matter how hard life gets, I know you will always get me through. You have never stirred me wrong, I don’t doubt you for a second. You are my faith, my belief, you give me courage beyond comprehension. You never let me fall, you hold me by the hand, through the good times and bad. You truly have a love for all. Without you we would have nothing at all. You gave us life, you let us breath, the least we can do, is show you that we believe. It’s not easy, it all takes time, but once your mind listens to your heart, this is when nothing will go wrong. Don’t be scared or fear. The Divine will help you see, that anything is possible if you just let your mind be free.