Being told what to do

Don’t be told what to do, or how to live your life, you have a choice, and the way you want to live your life. People like to rule, or tell you what they think is best, and think they know your emotions, or what your heart is feeling. Don’t push us away, listen, be there, you don’t have to say, or constantly be in our face, give us time. Things will sort themselves out. Why do you worry, or stress. You think you know best. It’s hard to manage life sometimes, it doesn’t mean we are having a nervous breakdown. It just means were trying to find our own way. Make our own decisions. We don’t need to put a brave face on, all the time, or hide what we feel, so we can’t be our true self. We know you are making us strong, to face lifes hardships, but you forget, we are only human, these things will take time.


Confidence to shine, confidence to find, confidence to know, confidence to show. We can lack confidence at some point in our lives. To know we all have it from within. To grow, learn and know there is no right from wrong. We grow when we make mistakes. We learn from within. If we just spent that time to realise. We would learn to be our true self. To show the confidence we were once lacking. To know it was there all the time. Search deep within. You will know its not far. Its closer than you think.


Don’t suffer abuse in silence, you may be smiling from the outside, but no one hears your pain from the inside. They don’t see the torment, or suffering, behind closed doors. The pain doesn’t just go away. It takes time to heal the years of wounds, that were caused and continue to remain. All we can do is be positive, look to a better future. See there is hope, don’t give up faith. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We all make mistakes, we can only ask for forgiveness and hope that one day, we become better people. Even the abuser needs help to see that we are all human, but are all different in our own way. We are all ment to light up the world in different ways. We all have that potential. Let’s not lose sight, of what’s important, use your voice, be free from this life. You will be a far better person for it. You won’t need to suffer anymore. You can be who you want, without being judged.