Work might be hard, to find the right job, or to see that you can achieve, if you just put your mind to it. We can all have our dream jobs, but we also need to help our partners as they need help to run a house hold too. You don’t want to loose the most precious thing in your life. Just because you could not see. You have perfect working bodies. So why not see something that just helps towards the cost of living. Then look for the dream job, you crave to seek. Don’t stop believing because you will get what you want. Don’t stop dreaming. We all have the drive to become successful individuals. Let’s get out there and show this world what were made of.


Veterans who serve our country, who lay there lives for us, who show us to become stronger in our hearts, as well as our souls. Who are so brave and courageous. Who fought to make our world a better place. Who didn’t give up, who placed full faith and knew never to give up. They too are humans, who were left with scares and memories. Who suffer mental health issues, because they don’t recover from the traumas they faced. They have to live with this for the rest of there lives. They watched there comrades die on the battle field. They helped to make a freer world. To help us to see, we can all be free. Once they have served there countries. This is only the beginning, because now they are left with the memories. So they look to regain mind, body and soul. To heal from the inside, and to have just a little normality. We just want to say, how proud we are of you all. We truly do salute you. We hope you all recover, and gain back the spirits, to be happy and see it was all worth it, because you did something about it, instead of sitting on the side lines. You took action, instead of words, and flipped them to the ground. You served your time, you gave your lives. You are true heroes, who deserve recognition for the service you have done.


In order to survive in this world, both of you need to provide, to look for support from one another. Every penny counts, towards a better future. To help each other out, in times of need. To understand that the world is an expensive place to live. If you help each that is when you will succeed. You won’t need to struggle or to know where your next meal maybe. You both need to believe and make contributions. This is not just for work, but for everyday life, help each other around the house. To see it is an equal partnership. One can’t simply leave the other to manage a house and work continually. You are both in this together. And shouldn’t be made to feel it’s a chore, or I can’t be bothered, as I know my other half will do it. Relationships are there to help survive and lean on each other. If you both learn to support one another, life would be plain sailing, you wouldn’t be in aches and pains, because you both have each other to get you through the day.

Stand out from the crowd

Be bold, be brave, be free. See that we can achieve, we must stand out from the crowd. To see we can be anything we must believe. Stand out, show the real you, show who we truly are. We can all make that difference, we can all make a stand, show the world what you are made of. Live for yourself, the way you want to be. To know we are all one step closer to our dreams.

Physical attraction

At first you may have a physical attraction, a pull towards one another. A love like no other. You feel so comfortable with one another. Teach, help, support and guide one another. But as time goes on that physical attraction doesn’t last forever. You don’t see the attraction anymore. You just see a person who once made you happy. A relationship between two people, is not just build on the physical. There should be a deeper connection. To know that you would do anything for each other. In good times or bad. What ever the situation, you face it together. You grow and learn and love who they are. Physical attraction is important, but doesn’t make a relationship have a core foundation.


If your relationship doesn’t have a solid foundation, the cracks will start to appear. We look to make each other, to support one another, to communicate, to understand one another. But as your relationship starts to fail. You start to drift apart. That’s when you can start to see the cracks. To begin to repair them, can work, but if you’ve tried and tried . Then there is no going back. Relationships start to break at the seems. It’s hard to know what to do, to make a mense. To make sense of what is happening. It’s hard to see that there are cracks appearing. To accept that something may be wrong. It can be to late, before you know it. You no longer can support each other, because you just don’t see eye to eye. Cracks may be visible, but over time they will heal.


Practice compassion, see all as one, understand that we may look different from the outside, but we are all the same from the inside, we all bleed the same. Help others, give then strength and hope, that everything will be ok. Love all, see the light in all. Understand that they don’t have a lot. They are just getting by. They go with the flow, they take each day as it comes. We could learn so much from them. To practice compassion will help you see that everyone needs help now again. If we choose to help or not, this are own decision. Let’s try and help someone in need.