When there is a massacre, what have we to say?. We pray and hope these two worlds, see eye to eye, before we have no where to hide. We want to see them, resolve their differences and look to helping and seeing the good in one. To reach for new heights, to help each other fly, to know they are different, but their hearts beat the same, to not let the innocent die anymore. To see tolerance and acceptance, to be civil to one another. As what do they get from rage and anger?, blood shed, tears screams and war. Who will benefit in the end?, is this what makes them happy?, to get higher power, to say “yes” we won?. Well, from where I’m standing, no justice has been done, only piles of bodies and ruins remain, where is the justice, surely this is not humane?.


Breath of life

With every breath I remember you, with every sound I hear you, with every vision I see you, will every hope, I don’t give up, I let it through. I have the determination to become liberated, to thank each day, to say ” I am here to live my life to the full”. To place my trust in the one, to know I have begun, to see the light, to want to see that end goal in sight, to have freedom of the soul, to merge with the timeless. To have each part of me vibrate to the current. To do what pleases the Divine, to say without thinking twice, to see and accept that everything is in will. To know we are surviving with the true grace, so let’s not waste away. To experience that ambrosial taste.