When I look inside me I see a yearning,

A sense of longing, a sense of belonging,

A glimpse of passion, a sense of pride,

Why am I confused?,

Why do I hide?, I live for others,

I breathe their air,

I see no justice,

I do not care,

I want to say no,

I want my stand,

I want to believe,

I want that hand,

I turn four corners,

I see no hope,

I watch in pain,

I yearn again,

I look for guidance,

I look for the one,

I know you will save me from this world and beyond,

so I will use my heart and not mind to conquer all and do what’s right,

I have a mission, I will not fear or be scared. I love you divine, I do not care.

I will respect all and do what’s right, I have a mission and I know it’s to fight.