What would we do without technology?, it’s all methodology, we depend on it, as if it were our lives, we find anything we want with the click of a button, a text, a call, a simple hi. We look for ways to be addicted, we follow a trend, a simple display. We press a button and on comes the way. We just use technology for any reason. We don’t see the treason, What happened to the old fashion talking and interaction. Looking at the society we live in and saying “yes”, we must follow a trend just because, one does and the rest must follow. What happened to the olden days where we looked to each other for guidance. Our future is technology, but then what happens to the pollution. We are stuck on our phones day in, day out. Not realising what potential we have. Switch off, unlock, relax your mind. See what future you can find. You may be surprised of what you may find? The people you meet, the sounds you never hear, the time you took to listen to an individual, to take the time to contemplate. To be able to learn and understand the surroundings around you. To gain a sense, without the world of technology. To feel what it’s like to step out your comfort zone into reality. To see life has more to offer. Without the click of a button.


Always being there for others, no matter what, having a little appreciation, would go along way.
Never treating you with the respect you deserve. Do we not have feelings?
Tell them how you feel, for this what is real. Showing them they can’t take advantage, it is a two way system.
Showing appreciation to one another, will make all the difference.


With life their comes responsibility to help yourself, to help humanity, to live in harmony, to see the world as one. To understand we all have our opinions, to know our responsibilities as humans. We all make mistakes, we have a duty as humans to respect one another and know we all live, in this world. Don’t discriminate, respect the human race.

War and peace

We fight, and lose that sight of equality, we try to be equal, but in the end it comes down to what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. Ask yourself why? To fight for freedom and world peace, the world would be a better place.
If everyone lived in harmony, to learn to get along, to unify as one. To be strong as one. To not point fingers and to say, this is wrong. To see that we are all different in our own unique way. To have our say. To know we abide by one law, and live in ore. To see the good in all.

Who is truly there?

When you need someone the most, why is no one there?, when you need a shoulder to cry on, why is no one there?, when we need someone to talk to, why is no one there?.
In times of great need, why do we feel all alone?, My heart cries in pain, but no one hear my call.
But the difference is when, someone needs us, why do we bother?, why do we care?. That is when you see what this world is truly made of. Don’t give, if you do not receive.


Every breath is so precious, we just let it pass us by, we do not realise what we costume. Until it’s to late.
That’s when we realise, we let the little things get to us. To never truly see the bigger picture, you waste your breath for meaningless nothings. Then realise why.
Take each breath as if it were your last. Not knowing what is around the corner . That is when you will realise, what you have, you must embrace, with each and every moment. For the time is now, to see how. Let your breath give you that freedom. To be able to feel freedom.