We all have our flaws
We have no laws
We just want to strive to become the best
For this is our test
We have no connection
We look upon the divine
To keep us right
But in order to gain
We must obtain, the truth from within
To know were to begin
We must work to the best of our abilities
And understand what we are trying to achieve
For this is when we will gain reason
To conquer those flaws
To work hard, to put effort in
That’s when we will win
We will not let you down
For you are our crown
You gave us these flaws to help us grow as people
We are so grateful, because without you we would have no reason
You keep us going
Giving us new challenges to face everyday
We really are blessed
We couldn’t have asked it any other way.


Doubt dispel from my mind
They really are not kind
They find a way to eat me up from the inside
They play with my emotions
They don’t let me breath
They keep on pushing
They look for ways to torment me
They play their cruel games
They have there ways
What am I wanting for?
To let them take over?
Really, who are you kidding?
You have to be strong
To let that force in were you know you belong
To hold that hand, who will show you that stand
You are that life to be the one
Push yourself forward to be the best
To leave the rest
And know that what ever happens its all in will
For you are real and now you must feel.


The divine tests
Don’t mess
How strong are we to face life’s test
To never rest
To be the best
To never be wrong
To place our trust in the one
We won’t give up
We have to fight
Why do we not see what’s right
We have a vision
Let’s not play these games
These tests are here for reason
So let’s not commit treason
We won’t fail
We have one chance
Let’s hold that stance
We won’t take a second glance.
We are that vision
Don’t doubt yourself
For you are my night
And I am your light
Let’s get up and take that fight.