You try your hand at something new. You don’t know what to do,

you have the grades, you have the experience , but nothing is working,

you try your best and just smile so they may like you,

they look at you bluntly and just nod their heads,

I want to achieve my goals, and aim for the sky. 

I truly am living in a lie, my expectations are high, I want to succeed.

Just give me a chance and you will see.

I have dreams I want to fulfil. And know what I want from life. 

So give me a chance and I know I can enhance.


Living in an environment were you are happy, this really depends on the home we live in.

We have to experience and adapt to the surroundings we are in.

We all have difficulties accepting the reality we are in, but confronting those environments,

will make us realise we are part of this society. That grows and progresses.

Focus on what is truly important. We need to accept that things happen for reason,

but  we have to receive, accept and move on from them.

We create the environments we live in, we just have to make them positive then

the outcome will adjust itself.


We are from different backgrounds, We are all different, 

We are all born unique, so are we not all equal?.

Why can we not learn to get along in this world.

We have different faiths and beliefs, but should we not have respect for one another?.

We all have a choice and have been put on this earth for a reason. 

We were all born to help one another, with a right to express who we are. 

Our faiths are what make us and we can not change that. That is a true fact.

So we all need to get on the right track.


Life’s passing us by, we are wasting valuable time. Just sitting and waiting.

You have an aim in sight, do we not see that light.

We have endless opportunities, time to reflect on our lives,

We need to look at our futures, showing others we can succeed,

When we have those opportunities, why not try and see the outcome.

If you don’t try, how will you know if it was for you.

We have one chance, don’t give up, Let yourself shine.