Loss of control, my body goes numb, no feeling, no movement,

I have no control over my brain, it does not move, I do not react,

Were do I go, What do I look for, help me,

I shake, I tumble, I do not know what I am doing,

I don’t mean to do it, I try to stop it with all my might,

I reach for guidance, I know you will save me, you

will make me all better, you will show me I have a life worth living for.

I will not be sore any more.


I need that chance, I want that hand, I want to be able to be close to you, 

I want to be able to feel your presence, I know your existent.

I know you are not far away, you truly have a way, I find it hard to accept the truth, 

for people seem to think I’m wrong. I am devoted to you.

All my life I have been waiting for this chance. To finally be able to understand.

I am apart of your world. I will take that hand to take that stance.