I burn up inside, I try to let go, I am full of rage, I have no where else to go.

I can’t help others, I lash out at them. They say go away, don’t come back until your calm and OK.

My anger gets the better of me. It really makes me see. I really want to be free.

I am an angry person. I need to fill my heart with love.

Help me find that love from within. So I can express it to others. I know I can win.

It will let them see another side to me and see I really have changed, they to will be amazed.

To finally be able to understand and give me that hand.


When I am down, I try to lift myself up, I try to face life’s hurdles, 

but they just push me down, how do I find a way out?. I look for guidance, I look for support. 

I have no one, only the divine understands my pain.

I have days when I am on a high, then days when I go so low.

Where do I search?. Help me find my way. Give me life’s purpose.

I crave to be complete. When I am low and have no flow.

I search for the answers deep inside me. I live for the one.

I praise you and thank you for what you have done.

I am happy to be yours and have waited to long.

I finally have a purpose were I know I belong. 



I search for patience from within. I know it’s some where within.

I hold on tight and wait for the ride. For I know my future is bright.

I want things to get done so I may run.

But to walk first then see the outcome. Not to rush for that’s when we push.

To gain that knowledge and wisdom from within.

So that patience  may come, so at least I know I had some.

So now I know my future is bright. I truly have that light.

Life is a struggle

Life is a struggle, I have no where to go, I am stuck in this rut day in day out.

I look for answers, I look for guidance, yet I sit and watch others who have it all.

I place my trust in the divine who will help me through life.

I must understand who I am. We are all the divines children.

Life is not a struggle, we create those complications ourselves. Don’t hide behind.

When the world is waiting for your light. Place your faith and belief in the one for this is who we want to become.

We all have a life don’t waste it, live it to the full. That’s when you will rule.

Where is the love?

We are all engrossed in our own lives, we don’t pay attention to what is happening around us.

Whether it is our friends in need, our family who need the support or just general life itself.

Where is the love? to be able to show affection to the homeless. Or giving old things we don’t need to the ones who are less fortunate.

We all need to look deep inside our selves and show that love to one another.

Be that love, feel that love from within, give that love to all and that’s when we will win, to then be able to conquer all.