A web full of lies

This world is full of lies, hatred and discrimination, we are like spiders spinning our own webs, creating a web full of lies. We were born to create truth and inspire our passions. Achieve our goals and live our lives to it’s full potential. Don’t go to the extremes, when we know we have those dreams.

Support for my poetry

I would like to take a moment to thank my family and friends for showing me so much support and encouragement for my poetry. Also to my viewers who have taken the time to view my blog. I will continue to inspire others and hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I enjoy writing. Thank you to everyone.

I am hoping to publish my work as a novel.  I am excited and am in the process of writing my novel. Stay inspired……


Why do people insist on keeping useless junk,

It piles up and leaves a mess,

a waste of time and space,

things we don’t need put them in the bin.

Keep things neat and tidy and maybe your house will look and feel nicer.

Make some room for the memories that can be kept forever.

Don’t store away the junk for this will clog up and leave a bug.