Fighting truth, being truth, becoming truth, I am truth, I am that belief, I will not give up.

Do you not realise you are that truth?,  find it from within.

I am truth, I am not scared, don’t live a lie, don’t call them pure if all they do is wash their bodies, only those are pure whose minds are pure.

I am truth, I am that belief, I will speak the truth and speak my mind, so I may not hide behind.

I watch others that live that lie, But to surely tell the truth is not wrong?, as everyone knows we have a purpose to belong.

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It builds up, I make myself ill, I eat myself alive, I bottle it up inside me, to the point I make myself sick, I lose control of my thoughts, I try to talk to others, they don’t listen, who do I turn to?, I am not helping anyone, I cause myself this stress, I over work myself, never eat right, and expect things to get done, I need to not carry this weight on my shoulders, release the stress, keep calm, patient, analyse the situation, and give yourself time before jumping in. Stress can cause a great deal of anxiety, so just breath deeply and don’t take too much on, as you will suffer for it in the end, remember the divine, for there will be no stress any more.

I had this comm…

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I would apperciate if others would give their opionins, if so can you recommened this website?

Over weight

I look in the mirror, I can’t bear it, do I really feel good?, I weigh myself, it just stays the same, I try to go on diets, try to help myself, but nothing works, eating sweets and exercising regularly this would be no problem?, it’s easier said than done, I pressure myself, I look for answers, I get so over weight, that I cause myself risk, I don’t want to die, I want to have a healthy body, exercise, eat right, and never get to that point were I was before.


I can’t help myself, they taste so good, there very smell, there very touch, so soft, my mouth waters, by just looking at them, there so delicious, they shout at me,  “come eat me”. I can not resist. These cakes have to be eaten, don’t waste any time  there not there on the shelf, just to be looked at, they are there for a good reason, they are there to be shared with the world, what are you waiting for, treat yourself, these yummy delights are not going to eat themselves. If you don’t I will.


As the days go by ,everything is changing around us, from birth to death, we never know what is going to happen, we always think ahead, but what is going to happen tomorrow or the day after, the clocks are ticking, and time is being wasted, use your life wisely. time is passing us by, we are never grateful that we can do so much but we waste it by doing meaningless things, so don’t let time pass you by as death may be near by.