Khalsa roop

Pure is its face, Pure is its mind, the khalsa is beyond words, natural,

My very soul is one with vaheguru,My khalsa roop, strong, courageous,

To give that strength to others, I am khalsa, I will not forget,

My roop is what Guruji gave me, this is who I am.

My facial hair glows, my bana shows solidarity, my kirpan is justice and my dastar is ownership.

Khalsa is my roop, I am proud of it because I am sovereign and I am not far from it.


The long strands of material, with my long flowing kesh,

I wrap the soft material around my kesh, its my crown, my very beauty,

I glow, my radiance shines through my dastar. lair by lair perfection,

I am in love with my dastar, I can not describe its feeling.

The sheer excel-ration of tying it. I finish,

I decorate with shastar, malas, khandas, Guruji gave this crown to me to be proud of it, I wear it with pride, because I will one day stride.

True Devotee

I utter the words of Gurbani, these words are the sound of poetry,

I live for the Guru, the one who makes me happy, the one who gave me life,

Why do I worry, When you have my hand, 

I know  were I must stand,

You are my future, you are my success,

I walk the walk and talk the talk,

But my true seva lies within you, 

Show me the way, show me the path,

I am your slave, I am your devotee,

I adore and forever remain in charn for I know that this is my dharam. 


No one is perfect, Exceptional grades, expectations to meet, try and do our best, its not good enough, no one is perfect,

This world we live in they all try and strive for perfection, we are beyond this, we will never be perfection, no matter how hard we try.

The divine, perfection the one who created this earth, created every living thing, created are  very souls, this is perfection.

This is the one who will never be wrong, the one who knows we do the best of our ability, the one who doesn’t care or judge us as long as we try our best,

The one who praises and knows we are all the divines children. We never need to be perfection.


My stomach is in knots, I want to smile all the time, what is this feeling, I’m on ectasy, I can taste it,

Were is this feeling coming from, I have no power over it. It has taken over my whole body. I feel like jelly, I am in a dream, This is not reality,

It feels wonderful, I want it to last forever, My stomach aches with its very thought. I love this feeling, don’t make it stop,

The divine has created this feeling, it is out of my control, I know for sure they call it indestructible for this is what happiness is. The great beyond greatness.


Smile is a facial feature, a physical attraction, a beauty which is found inside and out, when I smile the whole world smiles with me, when I don’t smile no one sees my pain.

Who is watching over me, the divine, the one who knows my mind, knows what I am thinking, the very expression which I am going to take,

My smile is what makes me, I will not hide it, I will show it to the whole world. It makes others happy, It changes peoples behaviour and attitude,

Shows them a glimpse of hope, a ray of sunshine for when we are in pain this one smile can save the day. I am that smile, I am that hope.


You are so beautiful, When the sun shines, when the rain pours down, you are so beautiful,

When the trees blow, when the flowers blossom, you are so beautiful, when insects, animals move on this earth,

You are so beautiful, life is beautiful, each and every person breaths your air, you are beautiful,

Your worth can not be described, your very form, shape, colour is beyond measure,

Your very beauty is what made this earth, this is what is beautiful, this is what is real. 


Run as fast as you can, Run away from the truth, don’t find me, I don’t want to be found, Let me hide, Let me hide behind the covers, hide behind people, I run from myself, I keep running, I’m not going to stop, just let me go, who am I running from.

Everyone wants me to be something I am not, to have a status, to have money, to walk round living in a lie. I will run, I will not stop this is my answer, its what I must do.

Stop, think who am I pushing away, my beloved, the one who taught me to face my problems. Who said it is the very fear we run from, In order to receive, accept and move on.

My beloved will show me the way. I am not running. I have found my path it is to smile each day and except hukam for this is what will show me the true way.


They laugh in the face, that person that calls themselves perfect, they are the ones that have been blinded by falsehood, they are the fools, they look for praise, their egos grow, their faces are blackened by the filth of maya.

They run after it, trying to search for falsehood, with their fancy cars, their expensive jewellery, they live for the riches, Maya is what makes the world go round.

The contemplation their very existence, they have an experience were by vaheguru gives them the true grace, the divine blesses them with the presence of living, show them the path.

The divine one reaches out and they take the embrace. I love you maraj, why was I running after these wordly things, they have no existence.

Be true to yourself, your life begins, not searching anymore, I know I must begin.


Is it a feeling?, Is it a sense?, Who do we respect?, our sevles, others, our parents, the divine, respect comes from within, to show remorse to others in time of sadness, to show happiness when others congratulate you.

Respect can’t be found it takes years to build but a second to break, Respect has millions of definitions were by we try and compare ourselves to others,

They have it better?, they don’t need to find it, do they really have respect?, They call themselves saints, thay call themselves the pure ones, what do they really define respect to be.

Your true respect, your true heart will show you that respect from within. If you respect the divine one. There will be no turning back thats when you will not lack it, to be able to finally track it.