Inner mind, body and soul

Feed your inner mind, body and soul. You having nothing to feel ashamed about. You are who you want to become.

Never let anyone be less, than who you want to become. Your inner soul, is your inner beauty and strength.

Your constant need for validation or attention, this should not hinder your existence or your reliance on others.

Do not stoop so low, that your mind,body and soul are destroyed.

You passion, drive, successes, failures, are there to make you mentally strong. Giving you the inabilities, to strive for greatness.

When in doubt, look deep within, meditation, prayer, soul searching within your mind, body and soul.

Reality versus deception

Being yourself is no crime, you are spending time enjoying your own company, your own life, the world around you.

Things you thought were different, can be misconceptions, people can take your kindness for granted or take advantage.

They take this kindness and make you feel like you are their whole world. They are wrong and we can make it and do it on our own.

We don’t need anyone to become successful. We can do this on our own. We can make it by ourselves.

Being strong, confident, independent, unique, different, being who want to be.

We don’t need anyone, how far people take advantage of our kindness, the genuine, care and ability to take care and become two faced.

You are who you are and you have endless opportunities, as well as, endless possibilities. You have power beyond measure, we are fearless, we are limitless. We are who we chose to become and no one can take this away from us.

Life is what you make it

Life is what you make it. Don’t let anyone hold you from your dreams. Stay strong, stay motivated, be determined.

Strive for greatness, we have endless opportunities aswell, as endless possibilities. We can acheive anything we put our minds too.

We are limitless to our own capabilities, we have power beyond measure. Reach for the stars, how hungry are you to get it? How hard are you willing to try? How badly do you want it?

Life is about effort, believing, blood, putting in sweat and tears.

Lifes greatness was not achieved by simply sitting down. It was achieved by becoming and following your dreams, passions, ambitions.

Having the dreams, to follow your heart. You can do anything you put your heart and mind too.

You want to be a writer, be a writer, you want to travel the world, travel the world, you want to get all the degrees in the world. Go for it! Nothing is stopping you.

You be who you want to be. You are your own person and you travel, as high as the stars. No one will stop you from reaching above and beyond.

Changing for others

You do not need to change for anyone, you are who you are, if others do not want to accept you, then they don’t need to be in your life.

You are who you are, stay strong, people will want to see changes, make you feel like you need to change.

We were all born different, we all think in different ways, we all see things in different ways.

It is not a bad thing. It can be very difficult not to listen to others, their views, think their views can mean alot.

People have strong views, they think they know what is best for us. They believe in changing others to suit their needs.

You are who you are, and never have anyone tell you any different. You do not need to change to suit others needs, abilities, likes, dislikes. You are who you intended and intend to become.

You are incredible, amazing and so worth it. You were bought in this world to be unique, different and stand out from the crowd.

And if they can’t handle this than this is their loss. People will accept you. And they are the ones who will stick by you until the very end.

I will always be enough

I will always be enough, I will let my ego go from with in. I will be good enough. I will challenge myself to do more.

I am enough, I will always be enough, I am strong, I am me, I will be free. I am in control of my own destiny. I paint my own path, my own way, my own dreams.

I will always be enough, because all I can be is me. I chose to wake up, I chose to see, chose to breathe, I chose to see, I chose to taste, I chose to believe, I chose to need, I chose to want, I chose to relieve.

I will always be me. I will always be enough. I am me.

Grades, success, achievement, goals, ambition, drive, health, strong, bravery, courageous, love, compassion, humility, truth.

I will always be enough, because I am me. I will always be me. I will reach for the stars. I will be strong. I will be fearless, I will be me. I will be enough. I will see past above and beyond.

I will be me and will show this world, you are enough and you are beautiful, and you will always be enough.

Self care

We forget sometimes, how much help we need, we forget how much we need to take care of ourselves, to see ourselves and what we need.

To look inward to the pain and find our insides suffer to scream, but no one is listening. To keep screaming and say inside “please help me”

But when you take the time out to listen, to your inside voice, you will see that things can get built up so much physiologically.

We are all struggling in one way or another. We are all trying to stop ourselves from drowning. Rising up from the surface and releasing our breathe to be able to say “I got that self help”.

I took care of me, I looked after number one. I made a stand, I did what I had to do. I used my initiative. I didn’t jump, I didn’t say no, I didn’t self harm, I didn’t get depressed, I didn’t get anxious, I didn’t have a panicking attack, as we have all suffered these at one point or another.

I made each stand, I sought out help, I took care of me, I let myself breathe. I made myself better. I got given second chance, I didn’t give up. I let myself be me.

This is what I am proud of, this is why I am so courageous, brave, honest, fight everyday. I never gave up. I believe in me and I see what I see. You are you and I am me and that is ok.

Self care is all about you, because you are number one and you deserve to be free and who you intended to be.

“Life is like a box of chocolates”

When Forest Gump (Tom Hanks) said this in this film. Wasn’t this just the epiphany we all needed, as it is so true.

Life really is “like a box of chocolates”, everyone you select is different. No one is ever the same taste.

You never know which one will be sweet, soar, bitter, each one will always be different.

This is the way life is, no matter how hard, how happy, how difficult, how amazing. The good will always come with the bad. Life is never a straight road, it is never perfect.

You can meet, so many random people, learn so many life lessons, learn, grow and strengthen your own capabilities.

Eventho things can be hard, they will always get better. Stay strong, you are who you are and no one can change those box of chocolates, but you can change how you deal with chocolates, you select, your life is in your control.

Lifes struggles

Speaking our truth, is probably the hardest thing that we have had to do. Speaking what is real and in our hearts is probably one of the hardest things in the world.

People become so comfortable with everyday life. Please don’t see or understand. It can be so hard to understand yourself.

Understanding what things our meant for or meant to be. Why we keep things bottled up. Why we never talk and let things out.

Things can get so hard, because we build up mental pictures in our our minds, about what is real and what is reality.

Strength, courageous, bravery, honesty, truthful, support and release.

Slow processes of making ourselves better. I know how hard things can become, if we don’t free our own selves and let our selves release our truths.

Don’t hide away from your truths. From what feels true and real to you. Don’t keep it bottled up. You will regret it years later, that why did I not just tell the truth.

Trust me, you will feel a million times better. Like a weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

Live life, love every moment, be free, trust in your heart, you will be set free.

Lifes lessons

Life can teach us so much, so much about the ups and downs, about the strengths. About the helplessness that we feel.

We never try and be something we are not, just because others need to make themselves feel good.

You are enough, you are strong, confident, beautiful, helpful, kind, strength and stronger than your abilities.

Life can throw alot at you, life can make you feel so unsuccessful, where by you keep falling and falling and falling.

How do you pick yourself up? How do you know what to do? How do you make the most of the life that has just pushed you down so much.

You want to cry, scream, be in pain and no one hears, listens to your heart, listens to what you need.

Slow your thought process down, think why do I feel this way? why do I feel like I need to give up? What makes me so special? what makes me see that I am strong? I don’t need to give in.

Don’t give up, yes I know it is so hard, I know how difficult life can became. We are human and are not perfect.

We have so much we learn and continue to learn. We are strong confident and you are the only person who can validate your successes.

You are enough and lifes lessons, as they are there to teach us to help us to grow and make those mistakes.

If we don’t make those mistakes we will never learn. We will never pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off.

You are strong, you are confident, your are fearless, you are beautiful, you are enough and you are incredible. You are you and no one can change this ever.

Covid and isolation

Covid has taught me alot, about myself discovery, but my world and reality, what is truly a reality and what we feel when we are in isolation.

People react in different ways, where by some have just taken it head on, others have broke down, not understood why or just simply said what is the point in life.

Covid has hit everyone in many different ways and we are all realising in one way or another, that we needed a break from life, regardless of what we have done or do, in our everyday lives.

We have stopped to look outside our windows at the trees, we have seen that nature is a wondrous beauty, we have heard the birds chirp the sweet sound of happiness. We have learnt to come to terms with reality and life as an existence.

We have learnt to accept and live in a world of normality, if we want to call it this.

Covid I have always believed it to be, a blessing in disguise, yes reality we have lost loved ones or have been hurt by the massive impacts, of the struggles it has caused on our health and well beings.

But we have taken this, ultimately as a stop and think, what was the world like before covid came along? Were we stuck in our busy every day lives? Did we take life for granted? Were we becoming so settled or we have everything we want?

Covid has taught me, to become one with myself, love who I am, I am enough and this world is a play of musical strings, we play the strings and listen to the music, we look inwardly to the sounds of our heart beats.

We access our very existence and what we truly feel and want. We learn to love and feel and beleive in our capabilities. We are who we are and no one can change this.

We are stronger than we think. We just have to believe in ourselves. Yes I know easier said than done, but guess what you have all the time in the world.

Beleive and become one with yourself. You are you and no one will ever change that.